Dress like a Gentleman

Society doesn’t really expect men to be conscious of how they dress themselves; most guys could probably get away with wearing the same old jeans every day. In a sea of ratty shirts and cargo pants, sharp dressers tend to stand out from the pack.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a big budget to dress to impress, you just need to keep certain pieces of clothing and accessories on hand to complete a look fit for a gentleman:

Classic Suit and Tie

Suits are the uniform of savvy-looking businessmen and suave ladies’ men, but every respectable gentleman should own one in their closet. For formal events and special occasions, it never hurts to suit up.

Polo Shirt

Switching a plain t-shirt for a polo shirt makes all the difference in the world. Dark polo shirts can practically flatter any body type and is tailored enough to keep a guy from looking like a slob.

Fitted Jeans

Opt out of baggy, distressed or ripped pants and choose one with a simple style. Dark, fitted jeans can work for any occasion and can be paired with any type of top.

The Watch

Men, in general, don’t accessorize as much as women do. Less is more, and sometimes all you need is a classy Rolex to look more mature and professional. Watches are a good investment and they connote status, power, and confidence, so don’t hesitate to splurge on a good quality designer watch.


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