Shine On: Knowing More about Your Diamonds

Diamonds have been captivating people for such a long time. Throughout human history, diamonds have served as symbols of power, strength, and beauty, as well as love and purification. They have been the subject of literature and folklore and have been highly valued for centuries for the physical properties that they possess, which make them virtually indestructible.

Divine qualities

For the ancient Greeks, diamonds were tears of the gods. The Romans, on the other hand, regarded diamonds as splintered pieces of fallen stars. During the Middle Ages, many people were convinced diamonds possessed supernatural powers that enabled them to detect guilt and innocence, and even heal certain illnesses.

Even colors hold meaning

To add fun and ostensibly make diamonds more marketable, modern jewelers have seen fit to associate assorted concepts with certain diamond colors. Red diamonds, for instance, are symbols of confidence and power. Pink diamonds represent creativity, love, and romance. Orange diamonds are a sign of energy and enthusiasm, while yellow diamonds denote the happiness and joy of friendship. Green diamonds stand for wealth and nature, while blue diamonds represent peace, spirituality, and good health.  Being a royal color, purple diamonds symbolize luxury and nobility.  Brown or champagne diamonds signify harmony with the earth.

Enduring symbols of love

Today, diamonds are widely recognized to symbolize everlasting love. Indeed, the modern concept of presenting the beloved with a precious stone or especially diamond, is symbolic of the wish for the love to last forever. Regardless of whatever diamond designs catch your fancy, count on a trusted jeweler to offer an extensive collection of custom jewelry that can be perfect for whatever occasion or purpose you need them for—and sure to delight you or your loved one for many, many years.


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