Interesting Facts that Make One Aspire for a Rolex

The Rolex brand of timepieces are in a universe of their own. They are respected, admired, and valued across the world.  Apart from its quality and the tradition it upholds, here are some little-known facts that will make you take a longer look at the genuine Rolex watches that are sold in respectable dealerships.

Rolex watches are made with a unique type of steel

Rolex is the only brand to utilize 904L steel, a level of steel that is denser, more resistant to rust and corrosion, with more complex machinery, and is more expensive.  The skill and craftsmanship needed to use this grade of steel is one factor that justifies the cost of the watch.

Rolex watch movements are assembled and tested by hand

Robots perform the tasks that are believed can be done more efficiently by machines than by people–sorting, filing, cataloging, and delicate procedures which require machine precision.  Rolex assembly of bracelets and watch movements is all done by hand, including accuracy testing before the watches are sent to retailers.

An in-house foundry makes all their gold

Rolex is the only watch manufacturer that makes its own gold in its in-house foundry.  Full control of the production and machining of gold for its jewelry watches enable them to strictly ensure the quality and the appearance of parts.

An army of gemologists at work

Rolex has a massive gemological department that buys, tests, arranges, and sets diamonds and other precious stones to create settings for most exclusive watches, which are produced using the same processes employed in creating the world’s finest jewelry.


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