Ways to Wear a Brooch

Wearing brooches can make a strong fashion statement, or result in a major fashion faux pas. In some cases, the positioning is essential to help the brooch you bought at a fashion jewelry store in Point Pleasant Beach stand out as a vital part of your outfit. Here are a few suggestions on where you can where your brooch for the best impact.


Brooches are most commonly worn in lapels, particularly those of jackets or blazers. The versatility offered by these clothing items enables you to mix and match your choices. If you are concerned about creating odd puncture holes in the fabric, position the clasp along the seams.


A cardigan or sweater would also be enhanced by the right brooch. Consider wearing one slightly lower than the collar and aligned vertically with your cheeks. The most effective designs are a vintage cameo, or a multi-element brooch.


Brooches make good hair accessories, as well. For instance, a brooch attached to a large hair clip would look chic on a ponytail or a bun. A brooch may also be used to adorn bandanas or buffs, but make sure it is not too large lest you fidget with it constantly.


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