Don’t Be Fooled: Spotting a Fake Rolex Watch

Rolex watches are the most popular brand of timepieces around the world, and are the preferred brand for most people. These watches are stylish and made with meticulousness; each piece is manually assembled, and it takes over a year to complete a single watch.

Rolex watches, however, are also one of the most counterfeited brands of watches on the market due to their simple yet sophisticated design. Fortunately, discerning between a real Rolex watch and a fake one is easy enough and knowing the difference between the two can come in handy when you’re shopping for one.

Second Hand movements

Do you hear a ticking sound coming from the watch? Chances are, the watch you’re holding is fake. The second hand of genuine Rolex watches run smoothly, unlike most watches, whose second hand movements are jerky and short. The biggest giveaway of a fake Rolex is a ticking sound, since no genuine Rolex is supposed to have that. Continue reading


Interesting Facts that Make One Aspire for a Rolex

The Rolex brand of timepieces are in a universe of their own. They are respected, admired, and valued across the world.  Apart from its quality and the tradition it upholds, here are some little-known facts that will make you take a longer look at the genuine Rolex watches that are sold in respectable dealerships.

Rolex watches are made with a unique type of steel

Rolex is the only brand to utilize 904L steel, a level of steel that is denser, more resistant to rust and corrosion, with more complex machinery, and is more expensive.  The skill and craftsmanship needed to use this grade of steel is one factor that justifies the cost of the watch. Continue reading

Dress like a Gentleman

Society doesn’t really expect men to be conscious of how they dress themselves; most guys could probably get away with wearing the same old jeans every day. In a sea of ratty shirts and cargo pants, sharp dressers tend to stand out from the pack.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to have a big budget to dress to impress, you just need to keep certain pieces of clothing and accessories on hand to complete a look fit for a gentleman: Continue reading